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COVID-19: Hopefully our final update

Coronavirus COVID-19 PAT PLI Subscriptions

Humerous coronavirus cartoon image of a mockup virus wearing a face mask

This article summarises the current position regarding support being currently offered to members whose businesses have been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic

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PAT and PLI renewals during lockdown (Updated 18-05-2020)

Coronavirus COVID-19 PAT PLI

Light bulb moment diagram

A number of members have contacted us as their PAT and PLI are due to expire during the lockdown period and they are unable to renew

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DJ Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

Health & Safety PAT

DJ PAT infographic - electrical fault

PAT - do I NEED it? Should I HAVE it? Where can I GET it? How MUCH does it cost?

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What licences and documentation do I need to DJ legally?

ELI Health & Safety Income Tax Insurance PAT PLI ProDub VAT

Picture of an unspooled cassette tape implying confusion

Confused by PRS / PPL / PLI / PAT / Produb and all those other acronyms? Let's take a look at what you legally need in order to run a mobile DJ business...

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