PAT and PLI renewals during lockdown (Updated 23-10-2020)

Read about the latest temporary changes we have introduced to support members with maintaining their DJmark Awards whilst they are still unable to work normally due to Covid-19 restrictions.


Coronavirus COVID-19 PAT PLI

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'Lockdown' measures as a result of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic mean that most of our members are still unable to return to a normal work routine due to the restrictions placed on public gatherings, closures of venues and so on. After a summer where some bars/clubs tentatively reintroduced DJ and karaoke entertainment and some small house parties and weddings took place, on 22nd September the UK entered a series of new lockdown restrictions that have effectively barred all but the smallest private functions and large group gatherings from taking place.

Due to these, many members cannot expect to be working normally for some time, and as such are looking to cut expenditure on items such as PLI and PAT which are unnecessary burdens whilst the kit is sitting in the garage not being used.

In order that DJmark Awards are not impacted by the lack of PLI/PAT proof, and that members who would ordinarily carry PLI and PAT continue to receive leads for future events where the client and/or venue insist on these items, we have decided to implement the following process for ALL members effective immediately:

  • members whose PLI expired between 23rd March 2020 (first day of lockdown) and 31st December 2020 will see their PLI proof extended to 31st December 2020. This does not mean that PLI itself has been extended, merely the proof for DJmark and enquiry filtering purposes
  • members whose PAT expired between 23rd March 2020 and 31st December 2020 will see their PAT proof extended to 31st December 2020
  • we have suspended our daily checks of the MDJN and NADJ databases with immediate effect and until 1st January 2021, so if your PLI / PAT proof is supplied via this route it will remain valid
  • members no longer need to do anything to benefit from this move - it has been applied automatically to eligible accounts
  • we will review the end date of this measure in line with government guidance nearer to the time
  • members whose PLI and/or PAT proof was not provided prior to 23rd March 2020 will not benefit from this measure
  • members who have renewed PLI and/or PAT despite lockdown are still welcome to upload their proof documentation as usual