COVID-19: Hopefully our final update

This article summarises the current position regarding support being currently offered to members whose businesses have been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic

Coronavirus COVID-19 PAT PLI Subscriptions

Humerous coronavirus cartoon image of a mockup virus wearing a face mask

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic we have been publishing articles which have hopefully been of use to members, and today we have expired most of these as they contain some information which may now be out of date.

As 'lockdown' begins to ease, we are seeing activity via the website pick up gradually and we are now almost seeing average visitor numbers and enquiries at least matching 2019 levels. We have noted, however, that many of the new enquiries raised are for later in 2020 and 2021 onwards, so that fact coupled with the remaining uncertainty regarding the reopening of venues for social events means that we know that some members will still be feeling the pinch for a while longer.

Since March, when restrictions were first introduced by the government, we have been rebating members 50% of their subscriptions on a day by day basis for each day that the number of new enquiries posted via the website were lower than the equivalent date in 2019. This has been through our Site Credits scheme and many of these have been translated into automatic extensions. We will continue this rebating mechanism until 31st July 2020 with the final credits (if any) being added to accounts on Monday 3rd August.

For those members whose PLI proof expired during 'lockdown' we have offered to extend their proof on the website for all consecutive dates marked red on the calendar so that they could avoid spending out on PLI that they cannot benefit from. We will continue to offer this facility with a maximum end date of 31st August 2020.

For those members whose PAT proof expired during 'lockdown' we have automatically extended their proof on a month-by-month basis so that they could avoid spending out on PAT testing and avoid having visitors to their homes in some cases. We will continue to offer this facility with a maximum end date of 31st August 2020.

Here at it is 'business as usual' as we strive to find genuine leads and enquiries for your business. Our development plans continue as normal, albeit with slightly reduced resourcing at the moment, and we hope to see all our members out on the road and entertaining folks again very soon.

Should the position change significantly with respect to 'lockdown' (be that national, regional or local), or restrictions that continue to be imposed on social events for longer than currently anticipated, we may review the above support and will update this article should this happen.