COVID-19: Autumn / Winter 2020 Restrictions (Updated 22-09-2020)

UPDATED: 22/09/2020 This article summarises the current position regarding support being currently offered to members whose businesses have been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic

Coronavirus COVID-19 PAT PLI Subscriptions

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The fluid situation regarding lockdown restrictions because of the Covid-19 pandemic continue to affect the level of new enquiries posted via the website as consumer confidence remains low. It is now clear that Christmas/NYE events this year are unlikely in many parts of the country.

Help for members during lockdown
At, we capture leads for events at any date in the future, and just prior to the introduction of the 'Rule of 6' around half of our enquiries were for events planned for 2021 and 2022. Since the November lockdown in England, and the restrictions in central Scotland, our daily enquiry rate has approximately halved on average, although our site visit statistics remain robust so it is clear that we still have plenty of 'window shoppers'.

Because of this, in order to help out our members whilst keeping the websites ticking over, we will be rebating 50% of your subscription on a day by day basis by comparing the number of enquiries with the equivalent date in 2019. For each day that enquiries fall below the 2019 level we will rebate 50% of that day's subscription fee. We will apply this on a weekly basis on a Monday for the previous 7 days and will continue until 31st December 2020. Rebates will be via our Site Credits system and should your total credits exceed one month's subscription your expiry date will be extended accordingly. It is our intention to extend this support whilst lockdown measures continue to severely impact short term event planning.

For example, if your annual subscription is £99 your daily equivalent would be 27p. So we would credit you 13.5p for each day that our enquiry levels were below the equivalent date in 2019. By 'equivalent date' we mean the same weekday in the same month, so for example we would compare Monday 28th September 2020 with Monday 30th September 2019 - and this is because we see definite spikes in enquiry volume based on the day of the week in normal times.

Additionally, in order that members who are not working at this time receive the maximum exposure, we will continue to run our PAT and PLI proof extension offer during this same period. This will mean that any member that has previous proof of PAT or PLI that expired on/after 23rd March 2020 (the original lockdown announcement date) will continue to see these advertised on their profile and in their DJmark Award calculations. Again, this will continue until the end of December 2020 but it is our intention to extend this support whilst lockdown measures continue to severely impact short term event planning.

Going forward...
Should the position change significantly with respect to 'lockdown' (be that national, regional or local), or restrictions that continue to be imposed on social events, we may review the above support and will update this article should this happen.

Here at it is 'business as usual' as we strive to find genuine leads and enquiries for your business into 2021, 2022 and beyond. Our development plans continue as normal, albeit with reduced resourcing at the moment, and we hope to see all our members out on the road and entertaining folks again very soon.