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The Abergavenny Arms

Newhaven Rd

01273 472416

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Based on enquiries processed via, we know that The Abergavenny Arms is suitable for:

  • Private functions and parties
  • Social gatherings and events

Recent Events Here

DateEventGuestsDJ Booked
Dec 2017Just a party75 (All Adults; mixed ages)
Dec 2017Hotel or Pub General Entertain100 (All Adults; mixed ages)
Sep 2017Hotel or Pub General Entertain120 (A mix of age groups)DJ Sounds
Dec 2016New Years Eve120 (All Adults; mixed ages)
Dec 2015Hotel or Pub General Entertain65 (Mainly middle-aged)
Dec 2014New Years Eve120 (Mainly middle-aged)Electric Dream Roadshow
Dec 2013Birthday 40th100 (Mainly middle-aged)Electric Dream Roadshow
Dec 2013New Years Eve150 (Mainly middle-aged)No longer a member
Feb 2013Birthday 30th80 (Mainly middle-aged)No longer a member
Dec 2012Not specified120 (All Adults; Mixed Ages)No longer a member

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  • Hotel or Pub General Entertain on 29/09/2017

    Facilities:Communication:Catering:Bar Range:Bar Prices:

    Hotel or Pub General Entertain on 29/09/2017 for 120 guests (A mix of age groups)

    No written comments were received.

    Entertainment for this event was provided by DJ Sounds

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