Manchester Wedding and Party Venue Hire

Details for 33 venues in the Manchester (M24) area

This page details wedding and party hire venues and function rooms in the M postal area, specifically Manchester

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Nearby (5 options)

Birch Hotel, Heywood OL10

Fairways Lodge & Leisure Club, Manchester M25

Mercure Norton Grange Hotel, Rochdale OL11

New Albany Hotel, Heywood OL10

The Royal Toby Hotel, Rochdale OL11

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Queen Elizabeth Hall, Oldham OL1

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Alkrington Community Centre, Hardfield Rd, Middleton

Burnside Centre, Burnside Crescent, Langley Estate

Elm St Community Centre, Elm St, Middleton

Richard Bentley Smalley Memorial Hall, Middleton

The Old Grammar School (St Leonards), Boarshaw Road, Middleton

Nearby (16 options)

Castlemere Banqueting Hall, Rochdale OL11

Chadderton Town Hall, Oldham OL9

Church Lane Community Centre, Manchester M25

Crossley Community Centre, Oldham OL9

Higginshaw Sports & Social Club (& Rugby Club), Oldham OL1

Higher Blackley Community Centre, Manchester M9

Phoenix Youth & Community Centre, Manchester M25

St Gabriels Church Community Room, Manchester M25

St Georges Church Hall, Rochdale OL11

St Herberts Parish Centre, Oldham OL9

St Herberts Parish Centre, Oldham OL9

St James Parish Hall, Heywood OL10

St Josephs Parish Hall, Heywood OL10

St Margarets Church Hall, Manchester M25

St Margarets Community Centre, Manchester M25

St Pauls Parish Centre, Oldham OL2

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Boarshaw Working Mens Club, 1 Dixon St, Middleton

Jumbo Social Centre, Grimshaw Lane, Middleton

Lancashire Health & Racquets Club (Virgin Active), Heywood Old Road

Manchester Golf Club, Rochdale Road, Middleton

Middleton Cricket Club, Towncroft Avenue, Middleton

Middleton Pavilion Masonic Hall, Manchester Old Road, Middleton

The New Millbeck Club, Millbeck Road, Middleton

Woodside Working Mens Club, 22 Higher Wood St, Middleton

Nearby (51 options)

Balderstone Club, Rochdale OL11

Bamford Bowling Club, Rochdale OL11

Bamford Fieldhouse Cricket Club, Rochdale OL11

Blackley Golf Club, Manchester M9

Carlton Club, Manchester M25

Castle Hawk Golf Club, Rochdale OL11

Chadderton Reform Club, Oldham OL9

Crompton & Royton Golf Club, Oldham OL2

Crompton Central Working Mens Club, Oldham OL2

Crompton Conservative Club, Oldham OL2

Crompton Cricket Club, Oldham OL2

Embassy Club (Bernard Manning), Manchester M9

Harpurhey Conservative Club, Manchester M9

Heyside Cricket Club, Oldham OL2

Heywood Bowling Club, Heywood OL10

Heywood Cricket Club, Heywood OL10

Heywood Reform Club, Heywood OL10

Higher Blackley Conservative Club, Manchester M9

Hopwood Unionist Club, Heywood OL10

Kirkholt Social Club, Rochdale OL11

M9 Bar & Function Room, Manchester M9

Mayfield Sports Centre, Rochdale OL11

Newtown Social (National) Club, Rochdale OL11

Nimble Nook Sports & Social Club (ex WMC), Oldham OL9

North Chadderton Conservative (Blue) Club, Oldham OL9

North Chadderton Social & Bowling Club, Oldham OL9

Oldham Cricket Club, Oldham OL1

Prestwich Cricket Tennis Bowling and Football Club, Manchester M25

Prestwich Golf Club, Manchester M25

Rochdale Catholic Club, Rochdale OL11

Rochdale Cricket Lacross & Squash Club, Rochdale OL11

Rochdale Football Club (Spotland Stadium), Rochdale OL11

Rochdale Golf Club, Rochdale OL11

Rochdale Hornets Rugby Club, Rochdale OL11

Rochdale Masonic Hall (Ballroom), Rochdale OL11

Rochdale Rugby Union Football Club, Rochdale OL11

Rollercity Rochdale, Rochdale OL11

Royton Brass Band & Musical Club, Oldham OL2

Royton Conservative Club, Oldham OL2

Royton Cricket Bowling Tennis and Running Club, Oldham OL2

Shaw Cricket Club, Oldham OL2

Springbank Bowling Club, Oldham OL9

St Annes Rugby Club, Oldham OL1

Sudden Social Club, Rochdale OL11

Tara Sports & Leisure Centre, Oldham OL2

The Candlelight, Oldham OL1

The Cartshaft Social Club, Oldham OL2

The Limo Lounge, Oldham OL1

Uppermill Cricket Bowling & Tennis Club, Oldham OL2

Victoria Ave East Ex-Service Club, Manchester M9

Woolworth Sports & Social Club, Rochdale OL11

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Middleton Arena, Corporation St, Middleton

Nearby (3 options)

Oldham Athletic FC Event Centre, Oldham OL2

The Cotton Rooms, Oldham OL1

The Longfield Suite (Centre), Manchester M25

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Nearby (2 options)

Heaton Hall, Manchester M25

Heywood Civic Centre, Heywood OL10

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The Apple & Pear, Andover Avenue, Middleton

The Carters Arms, 610 Manchester Old Road, Middleton

The Dusty Miller, Middleton Gardens, Middleton

The Gardeners Arms @ Hollin Lane, 266 Hollin Lane, Middleton

The Gardeners Arms @ Manchester Old Road, 644 Manchester Old Road, Middleton

The Gardeners Arms @ Sandy Lane, 114 Sandy Lane, Middleton

The Harbord Harbord, Long Street, Middleton

The Hopwood, 753 Rochdale Road, Middleton

The Joiners Arms, 37 Cross Street, Middleton

The Lancashire Fold, 77 Kirkway

The Middleton Archer (Moonraker), Kemp St, Middleton

The Nook, Boarshaw Road, Middleton

The Old Cock Inn, 528 Oldham Road, Middleton

The Olde Boars Head, 111 Long St, Middleton

The Radclyffe Arms, 390 Grimshaw Lane, Middleton

The Roebuck, Middleton Gardens, Middleton

The Wilton Arms, 818 Old Manchester Road, Middleton

Nearby (102 options)

Blue Tiffin, Oldham OL2

Browns #1, Heywood OL10

Charlestown Hotel, Manchester M9

Crimble Hall, Rochdale OL11

Grains Bar (Farm) Hotel, Oldham OL1

Heaton Park Sports & Social Bar, Manchester M25

Istanblue, Oldham OL2

The Ashton Arms, Oldham OL1

The Bay Horse, Rochdale OL11

The Bees Knees, Oldham OL1

The Black Horse Inn, Oldham OL1

The Black Swan, Heywood OL10

The Blue Bell, Shaw OL2

The Blue Belle, Royton OL2

The Boltmakers Rest, Oldham OL1

The Bowling Green, Oldham OL9

The Bridge Inn, Rochdale OL11

The Brown Cow, Heywood OL10

The Buck and Union (ex Hogshead), Oldham OL1

The Bulls Head, Royton OL2

The Carters Arms, Royton OL2

The Charlestown, Manchester M9

The Clayton Green, Oldham OL1

The Coach & Horses, Shaw OL2

The Colliers Arms, Oldham OL9

The Commercial Inn, Oldham OL2

The Corporation Inn, Rochdale OL11

The Crown Inn, Oldham OL9

The Duke Of Edinburgh, Royton OL2

The Duke of Wellington, Manchester M9

The Duke Of Wellington, Heywood OL10

The Duke Of York @ Royton, Royton OL2

The Edwin Waugh, Heywood OL10

The Elephant & Castle, Rochdale OL11

The Engineers Arms, Heywood OL10

The Farmers Arms, Manchester M25

The Flying Horse, Manchester M9

The Foresters Arms, Manchester M25

The Friendship Inn, Manchester M25

The Gardeners Arms, Heywood OL10

The Grants Arms, Heywood OL10

The Grapes Inn, Heywood OL10

The Haggate, Oldham OL2

The Halfway House, Royton OL2

The Hare & Hounds, Oldham OL1

The Hark To Topper, Oldham OL1

The Hark To Towler, Heywood OL10

The Harrows, Rochdale OL11

The Heywood, Heywood OL10

The Horse & Jockey, Rochdale OL11

The Horse & Jockey, Heywood OL10

The Horton Arms, Oldham OL1

The Hunt Lane Tavern, Oldham OL9

The Junction Inn, Oldham OL2

The Kings, Heywood OL10

The Last Orders Inn @ Huddersfield Road, Oldham OL1

The Last Orders Inn @ Yorkshire Street, Oldham OL1

The Lowerhouse Inn, Oldham OL1

The Milan Inn, Manchester M9

The Minders Arms, Manchester M25

The Morning Star, Oldham OL2

The Mowers Arms, Manchester M9

The Northgate, Oldham OL1

The Old Bank, Oldham OL1

The Old Bill, Oldham OL1

The Old Bulls Head, Oldham OL2

The Old Queen Anne, Heywood OL10

The Orange Tree, Manchester M25

The Ostrich, Manchester M25

The Owd Tatts, Oldham OL9

The Park View, Manchester M9

The Pig & Whistle, Heywood OL10

The Pleasant Inn, Oldham OL2

The Ratcliffe Arms, Rochdale OL11

The Rose Of Lancaster, Oldham OL1

The Royal Oak, Manchester M25

The Royal Oak, Oldham OL9

The Royal Oak Inn, Oldham OL2

The Sandbrook, Rochdale OL11

The Shay Wake, Oldham OL2

The Shiredale, Manchester M9

The Sir Winston Churchill, Rochdale OL11

The Sportsman, Oldham OL9

The Springbank Hotel, Oldham OL9

The Starkey Arms, Heywood OL10

The Success to The Plough (Plough Inn), Rochdale OL11

The Summit, Heywood OL10

The Summit Inn, Oldham OL2

The Three Arrows Inn, Heywood OL10

The Three Crowns, Oldham OL1

The Three Terriers, Heywood OL10

The Tommyfield, Oldham OL1

The Turks Head, Royton OL2

The Up Steps Inn, Oldham OL1

The Weavers Answer, Shaw OL2

The Wheatsheaf, Oldham OL1

The White Hart, Heywood OL10

The White Hart, Royton OL2

The White House Inn, Oldham OL1

The White Lion, Heywood OL10

The Wishing Well, Heywood OL10

The Woodthorpe, Manchester M25

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