Huddersfield Wedding and Party Venue Hire

Details for 21 venues in the Huddersfield (HD5) area

This page details wedding and party hire venues and function rooms in the HD postal area, specifically Huddersfield

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Dalton Grange, 19 Bradley Mills Rd

Nearby (3 options)

Bagden Hall, Huddersfield HD8

George Hotel, Huddersfield HD1

Springfield Park Hotel (formerly Hanover Int), Huddersfield HD8

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Nearby (1 options)

Northorpe Hall, Mirfield WF14

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DRAM Sports & Community Centre, Ridgeway, Dalton

Nearby (11 options)

Birdsedge Village Hall, Huddersfield HD8

Cathedral House, Huddersfield HD1

Highburton Village Hall, Huddersfield HD8

Huddersfield Jubilee Centre (Community Church), Huddersfield HD1

Huddersfield Town Hall, Huddersfield HD1

Mirfield Community Centre, Mirfield WF14

Northfield Hall, Huddersfield HD2

St Patricks Centre, Huddersfield HD1

St Pauls Church, Mirfield WF14

Stocksmoor Village Hall, Huddersfield HD4

The Hub, Huddersfield HD8

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Almondbury Liberal Club, Thorpe Lane

Almondbury Wesleyan Cricket Club, Kaye Lane, Almondbury

Almondbury Working Mens Club, Southfield Rd, Almondbury

Kirkheaton Cricket Club, Bankfield Lane

Longley Park Golf Club, Maple Street

Moldgreen Liberal Club, 311 Old Wakefield Road

Moldgreen Top Club, Church St, Moldgreen

Waterloo Subscription Bowling Club, Wakefield Rd

Nearby (38 options)

Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain AUGB Kalyna Club, Huddersfield HD1

Battyeford Sporting Club, Mirfield WF14

Berry Brow Liberal Club, Huddersfield HD4

Bradley Park Golf Course & Driving Range, Huddersfield HD2

Canalside Sports, Huddersfield HD2

Crosland Heath Golf Club, Huddersfield HD4

Deighton Workers Mens Club, Huddersfield HD2

Denby Dale Pie Hall, Huddersfield HD8

Dewsbury District Golf Club, Mirfield WF14

Emley Moor Working Mens Club, Huddersfield HD8

Gas Sports & Social Club, Huddersfield HD1

Greenhead Masonic Hall, Huddersfield HD1

Hillhouse & Birkby Bowling Club, Huddersfield HD2

Hopton Mills Cricket Club, Mirfield WF14

Huddersfield Golf Club (Fixby Hall), Huddersfield HD2

Huddersfield Irish Centre, Huddersfield HD1

Huddersfield Lawn Tennis & Squash Club, Huddersfield HD1

Huddersfield Town Football Club (John Smiths Stadium), Huddersfield HD1

Lepton Highlanders Sports Club, Huddersfield HD8

Lepton Liberal & WM Club, Huddersfield HD8

Lockwood & Salford Conservative Club, Huddersfield HD1

Lower Hopton Working Mens Club, Mirfield WF14

Marsh Conservative Club (The Marsh Club), Huddersfield HD1

Marsh United Bowling Club, Huddersfield HD1

Mirfield Cricket Club, Mirfield WF14

Netherton & South Crosland Conservative Club, Huddersfield HD4

Old Bank Working Mens Club, Mirfield WF14

Paddock Conservative Club, Huddersfield HD1

Paddock Cricket Bowling and Athletic Club, Huddersfield HD1

Primrose Hill Cricket Club, Huddersfield HD4

Rowley Hill Club, Huddersfield HD8

Savoy Sports Squash Club (Skelmanthorpe), Huddersfield HD8

Scissett Working Mens Club, Huddersfield HD8

Shelley Cricket Club, Huddersfield HD8

Shepley Cricket Club, Huddersfield HD8

The Ashfield, Huddersfield HD8

The Newsome Tap (ex Newsome Working Mens Club), Huddersfield HD4

The Top Club (ex Deighton & Sheepridge Con WMC), Huddersfield HD2

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The Beaumont Arms (Kirk Style), Church Lane, Kirkheaton

The Blacksmiths Arms, 106 Heaton Moor Road, Kirkheaton

The Brooks Arms, Broad Lane

The Ivy Green, 329 Wakefield Road

The Radcliffe Arms, 59 Westgate

The Royal & Ancient, Dalton Bank Road, Colne Bridge

The Spangled Bull, Bankfield Lane, Kirkheaton

The Waterloo Tavern, 609 Wakefield Rd

The Yeaton Cask (ex The Junction), Town Road, Kirkheaton

The Yorkshireman (ex Kirkheaton Liberal Club), New Road, Kirkheaton

Nearby (78 options)

Grappolo, Huddersfield HD4

Harveys (ex The Star), Huddersfield HD8

Louies Liquor Store & The Boneyard, Huddersfield HD1

The Airedale Heifer, Mirfield WF14

The Armitage Arms, Huddersfield HD1

The Aspley, Huddersfield HD1

The Beaumont Arms, Huddersfield HD4

The Black Bull, Huddersfield HD8

The Cask & Spindle, Huddersfield HD8

The Chartist, Huddersfield HD8

The Cherry Tree, Huddersfield HD1

The Clarence, Huddersfield HD4

The Clothiers Arms, Huddersfield HD4

The Commercial Hotel, Huddersfield HD1

The County, Huddersfield HD1

The Craven Heifer, Huddersfield HD4

The Croppers Arms, Huddersfield HD1

The Flower Pot, Mirfield WF14

The Flying Ferret, Huddersfield HD8

The Flying Shuttle, Mirfield WF14

The Golden Cock, Huddesfield HD4

The Golden Fleece, Huddersfield HD4

The Grove, Huddersfield HD1

The Hare & Hounds, Mirfield WF14

The Harp, Huddersfield HD1

The Head of Steam, Huddersfield HD1

The High Park, Huddersfield HD2

The Horse & Groom, Huddersfield HD4

The Jules Verne, Huddersfield HD1

The Junction Inn, Huddersfield HD1

The Lamb Inn, Huddersfield HD1

The Lockwood, Huddersfield HD4

The Lord Wilson, Huddersfield HD1

The Magic Rock Tap, Huddersfield HD1

The Nags Head, Huddersfield HD2

The Navigation Tavern, Mirfield WF14

The New Union, Huddersfield HD1

The Old Canteen, Huddersfield HD8

The Old Colonial, Mirfield WF14

The Olde Hatte, Huddersfield HD1

The Ox & Bone, Huddersfield HD1

The Parish, Huddersfield HD1

The Plumbers Arms, Huddersfield HD1

The Queen, Huddersfield HD4

The Rat & Ratchet, Huddersfield HD1

The Rising Sun, Huddersfield HD8

The Rope Walk, Huddersfield HD1

The Rose & Crown, Huddersfield HD4

The Royal Swan, Huddersfield HD1

The Saturday Love Champagne Lounge, Huddersfield HD1

The Saville Arms, Mirfield WF14

The Shepherds Arms, Huddersfield HD2

The Ship Inn, Huddersfield HD1

The Shoulder of Mutton, Mirfield WF14

The Shoulder Of Mutton, Huddersfield HD1

The Shoulder Of Mutton, Huddersfield HD8

The Slubbers Arms, Huddersfield HD1

The Smiths Arms, Huddersfield HD8

The Sovereign, Huddersfield HD8

The Spinks Nest, Huddersfield HD2

The Sportsman, Huddersfield HD1

The Star Inn, Huddersfield HD8

The Sun Inn, Huddersfield HD8

The Swan Inn, Huddersfield HD1

The Thirsty Man, Mirfield WF14

The Travellers Rest, Mirfield WF14

The Vulcan, Huddersfield HD1

The Warehouse, Huddersfield HD1

The Wentworth, Huddersfield HD8

The White Gate Inn, Mirfield WF14

The White Hart, Huddersfield HD8

The White Horse, Huddersfield HD8

The White Swan Inn, Huddersfield HD8

The Wilsons Arms (Willys), Mirfield WF14

The Windmill Inn, Huddersfield HD8

The Woodman Inn, Huddersfield HD8

The Yorkshire Rose, Huddersfield HD1

The Yorkshire Victoria, Huddersfield HD1

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