Blackburn Wedding and Party Venue Hire

Details for 18 venues in the Blackburn (BB6) area

This page details wedding and party hire venues and function rooms in the BB postal area, specifically Blackburn

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Mercure Blackburn Foxfields Country Hotel, Whalley Rd, Billington

Mytton Fold Hotel, Whalley Rd, Langho

Northcote Manor, Northcote Rd, Langho

The Avenue Hotel (The Venue @ Brockhall), Brockhall Village, Old Langho

Nearby (21 options)

Barton Grange Hotel, Preston PR3

Bowers Hotel, Preston PR3

Crofters Hotel, Preston PR3

Dunkenhalgh Hotel (Mercure), Accrington BB5

Eaves Hall, Clitheroe BB7

Ferraris Country House Hotel, Preston PR3

Garstang Country Hotel & Golf Club, Preston PR3

Gibbon Bridge Hotel, Preston PR3

Guys Thatched Hamlet (Guys and Owd Nells Tavern), Preston PR3

Higher Trapp Country House Hotel, Burnley BB12

Inn at Whitewell, Clitheroe BB7

Marriott Hotel Preston, Preston PR3

Mitton Hall Country House Hotel, Clitheroe BB7

Peel Park Hotel, Accrington BB5

Pickerings Hotel, Preston PR3

Shireburn Arms Hotel, Clitheroe BB7

Sparth House Hotel, Accrington BB5

Springfield House Hotel, Preston PR3

Stirk House Hotel, Clitheroe BB7

The Fence Gate Inn, Burnley BB12

The Swan and Royal Hotel, Clitheroe BB7

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Nearby (3 options)

Alston Hall, Preston PR3

Browsholme Hall, Clitheroe BB7

Whalley Abbey, Clitheroe BB7

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Great Harwood Cricket Club, Blackburn Old Road

Langho Football Sports & Country Club, Dewhurst Road, Langho

Leisure Hour Working Mens Club, Lomax St, Great Harwood

Nearby (64 options)

Accrington & District Golf Club, Accrington BB5

Accrington Cricket & Tennis Club, Accrington BB5

Accrington Masonic Hall (Adelaide Suite), Accrington BB5

Audley Working Mens Club, Blackburn BB1

Baxenden and District Golf Club, Accrington BB5

Baxenden Conservative Club, Accrington BB5

Baxenden Cricket Club, Accrington BB5

Beechwood Road Working Mens Club, Blackburn BB1

Billington & Whalley Brass Band Club, Clitheroe BB7

Blackburn Northern Sports Club, Blackburn BB1

Blackburn Rugby Club, Blackburn BB1

Bold St Working Mens Social Club, Accrington BB5

Brooks Club, Accrington BB5

Broughton & District Club, Preston PR3

Burnley Road Bowling Club, Accrington BB5

Canine Working Mens Club, Accrington BB5

Church & Oswaldtwistle Cricket Club, Accrington BB5

Clayton-le-Moors Freemasons Hall, Accrington BB5

Clitheroe Conservative Club, Clitheroe BB7

Clitheroe Cricket Bowling & Tennis Club, Clitheroe BB7

Clitheroe Rugby Club, Clitheroe BB7

Clitheroe Social Club, Clitheroe BB7

Crow Wood Leisure, Burnley BB12

Enfield Cricket Club, Accrington BB5

Free Gardeners Working Mens Club, Blackburn BB1

Fulwood & Broughton Cricket Club, Preston PR3

Furthergate Working Mens Club, Blackburn BB1

Globe Bowling & Billiards Club, Accrington BB5

Green Haworth Golf Club, Accrington BB5

Guide Conservative Club, Blackburn BB1

Ighten Leigh Social Club, Burnley BB12

Ighten Mount Bowling Club, Burnley BB12

Longridge & District Conservative Club, Preston PR3

Longridge Sports & Social Club (ex Royal British Legion), Preston PR3

Low Moor Club, Clitheroe BB7

Lowerhouse Cricket Club, Burnley BB12

Lowerhouse Mills Social Club, Burnley BB12

Old Blackburnians Football Club, Blackburn BB1

Orchard Working Mens Institute, Blackburn BB1

Oswaldtwistle Social & Conservative Club (The Ossy), Accrington BB5

Padiham Football Club, Burnley BB12

Padiham Working Mens Club, Burnley BB12

Parkview Working Mens Club, Accrington BB5

Platt Social Club, Accrington BB5

Poplar Social Club (Pop Club), Accrington BB5

Powerleague Blackburn (ex JJB Soccer Dome), Blackburn BB1

Read Cricket & Bowling Club, Burnley BB12

Rishton Conservative Club, Blackburn BB1

Rishton Cricket Club, Blackburn BB1

Rishton Free Gardeners Club, Blackburn BB1

Rishton Golf Club, Blackburn BB1

Rosegrove Railway Club (LMRCA), Burnley BB12

Royal British Legion Clitheroe, Clitheroe BB7

St Albans Social Club, Blackburn BB1

St Stephens Conservative Club, Blackburn BB1

St Wilfrids Terrace Members Club, Preston PR3

Stanhill Working Mens Club, Accrington BB5

Stanley Street Social Club (The Stanley), Accrington BB5

Sydney Street Working Mens Club, Accrington BB5

United Irish League Working Mens Club, Burnley BB12

Waddington Village Social Club, Clitheroe BB7

Whalley Golf Club, Clitheroe BB7

Whittingham & Goosnargh Sports & Social Club, Preston PR3

Wilpshire Golf Club, Blackburn BB1

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Nearby (2 options)

The Out Barn at Clough Bottom, Clitheroe BB7

Waddow Hall, Clitheroe BB7

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Accrington Town Hall, Accrington BB5

Padiham Town Hall, Burnley BB12

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Snuffys, Commerical Rd, Great Harwood

The Duke Of Wellington, Blackburn Road, Great Harwood

The Lord Nelson, Whalley Old Road, Langho

The Park Hotel, Harwood Lane

The Petre Arms, Whalley Road, Langho

The Plough, Queen Street, Great Harwood

The Pub Royale, Station Road, Great Harwood

The Victoria, St Johns Street, Great Harwood

The Walmsley Arms, 26 Queen Street, Great Harwood

Nearby (106 options)

Bashall Barn, Clitheroe BB7

Calfs Head, Clitheroe BB7

Grants Bar, Accrington BB5

Moorcock Inn, Clitheroe BB7

Spread Eagle, Clitheroe BB7

The Abbey, Accrington BB5

The Adelphi, Blackburn BB1

The Ale House, Clitheroe BB7

The Alston Arms, Preston PR3

The Aspinall Arms, Clitheroe BB7

The Assheton Arms, Clitheroe BB7

The Barn at Scorton, Preston PR3

The Bay Horse, Accrington BB5

The Bayley Arms, Clitheroe BB7

The Bellflower, Preston PR3

The Black Dog, Accrington BB5

The Blackamoor Inn, Blackburn BB1

The Boars Head, Accrington BB5

The Brickworks, Accrington BB5

The Brockholes Arms, Preston PR3

The Brown Cow, Clitheroe BB7

The Bull & Royal, Preston PR3

The Cabin End, Blackburn BB1

The Castle, Clitheroe BB7

The Coach and Horses, Clitheroe BB7

The Commercial Hotel, Accrington BB5

The Corporation Arms, Preston PR3

The Crown, Preston PR3

The De Lacy Arms, Clitheroe BB7

The Derby Arms, Preston PR3

The Dog & Partridge, Preston PR3

The Dog Inn, Clitheroe BB7

The Dugdale Arms, Burnley BB12

The Durham Ox, Preston PR3

The Eagle & Child Inn, Preston PR3

The Eagle and Child, Clitheroe BB7

The Eagle At Barrow, Clitheroe BB7

The Elletson Arms, Preston PR3

The Emporium, Clitheroe BB7

The Farmers Arms @ Garstang, Preston PR3

The Farmers Arms @ Great Eccleston, Preston PR3

The Foresters, Blackburn BB1

The Forts Arms, Accrington BB5

The Free Gardeners Arms, Burnley BB12

The Freemasons Country Inn, Clitheroe BB7

The Gannow Wharf, Burnley BB12

The George, Accrington BB5

The George IV Inn, Burnley BB12

The Greyhound Inn, Accrington BB5

The Hand & Shuttle, Burnley BB12

The Hare & Hounds, Blackburn BB1

The Hare & Hounds, Burnley BB12

The Hare & Hounds @ Clayton le Moors, Accrington BB5

The Hare & Hounds @ Oswaldtwistle, Accrington BB5

The Junction, Burnley BB12

The King Edward VII, Blackburn BB1

The Kings Arms, Clitheroe BB7

The Kings Arms, Preston PR3

The Knowles Arms (Ego Restaurant), Blackburn BB1

The Level One, Accrington BB5

The Lowerhouse Canteen, Burnley BB12

The Malt Shovel, Burnley BB12

The Nags Head, Accrington BB5

The New Holly, Preston PR3

The New Inn, Clitheroe BB7

The Oaklea Tavern, Accrington BB5

The Old England Forever, Accrington BB5

The Old Mother Redcap, Blackburn BB1

The Pack, Blackburn BB1

The Parkers Arms, Clitheroe BB7

The Patten Arms, Preston PR3

The Pendle Inn, Burnley BB12

The Pendle Witch Hotel, Clitheroe BB7

The Plough, Accrington BB5

The Priory at Scorton, Preston PR3

The Ribchester Arms, Preston PR3

The Rishton Arms, Blackburn BB1

The Rising Sun, Blackburn BB1

The Roebuck, Preston PR3

The Rose and Crown, Clitheroe BB7

The Sparrowhawk (Ye Olde), Burnley BB12

The Spinning Jenny, Accrington BB5

The Spread Eagle, Clitheroe BB7

The Stags Head, Preston PR3

The Starkie Arms, Burnley BB12

The Stumble Inn, Preston PR3

The Sun Inn, Preston PR3

The Swan With Two Necks, Clitheroe BB7

The Sycamore Farm, Burnley BB12

The Three Fishes, Clitheroe BB7

The Tim Bobbin Hotel, Burnley BB12

The Tinker & Budget, Accrington BB5

The Towneley Arms Hotel, Preston PR3

The Varsity, Accrington BB5

The Waddington Arms, Clitheroe BB7

The Waggon & Horses, Clitheroe BB7

The Walmsley Arms, Blackburn BB1

The Walton Arms, Accrington BB5

The Whalley Arms, Clitheroe BB7

The Wheatsheaf Hotel, Preston PR3

The Whitakers Arms, Accrington BB5

The White Bull at Alston, Preston PR3

The White Lion, Clitheroe BB7

The Willows, Blackburn BB1

The Winchester, Burnley BB12

Trickys, Accrington BB5

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