Latest UK-wide facts & figures from 20/09/2020 - 20/09/2021 inclusive
About These Stats is a platform specialising in matching its DJ members to event requirements posted by the public for a wide range of celebrations across the UK. Established in 2006, our DJs have completed tens of thousands of events and hundreds of new quote requests are posted on the platform every single day for a wide range of entertainment related services and products.

Having such a depth of historical data on every type of celebration in every corner of the country means that we are perfectly positioned to be able to share statistics and insights useful to DJs and related suppliers on which to base business decisions, such as pricing and service offerings, in order that they can best match the market requirements.

Our research is also useful to party planners, giving them hints about the most suitable types of venues for different types of events as well as typical costs associated with hiring a DJ.

The statistics published here are a high-level subset of those available to our members.

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Event Type Breakdown

Chart shows all UK events grouped into 4 broad categories. Scroll for further detailed breakdowns.

Adult Function Types

Adult functions other than weddings, corporate and charity events accounted for 58.4% of all UK events requiring a mobile disco advertised via our website over the past year. Here's how those events were broken down...

Adult Birthday Types

Milestone birthdays accounted for 67.2% of UK adult functions over the past year. Here's how those events were broken down...

Venue Type Popularity

This chart shows the frequency of UK events taking place at different venue types over the last 12 months

  • Community Halls includes community centres, village halls, scout halls, WI meeting halls, church halls, schools and similar
  • Pubs & Bars also includes restaurants that have function rooms, cafes and similar that can be privately hired
  • Hotels is self-explanatory
  • Sports & Members Clubs include football, rugby, cricket, tennis clubs etc. that allow their clubhouses to be hired for functions, as well as political affiliated clubs, masonic halls and similar
  • Historic Buildings includes castles, stately homes, mansion houses and other historical sites of interest that can be hired for functions
  • Miscellaneous includes all other types of venues such as theatres, arenas, conference centres, outdoor events, private houses and so on
Venue Event Type Breakdown

The most popular types of UK event in each venue category

Budget Comparison

This chart compares the UK averages of suggested budgets given by enquirers (pink) with the actual agreed amounts (blue) for different types of event.

Service Type Popularity

In the last 12 months, the following services make up UK enquiries made via and its feeder websites; one enquiry can request multiple services