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Goals Soccer Centre Beckenham

Elmers End Rd

0208 663 1600

Caters for private functions

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Based on enquiries processed via, we know that Goals Soccer Centre Beckenham is suitable for:

  • Wedding receptions
  • Private functions and parties
  • Social gatherings and events
  • Children's parties

Recent Events Here

DateEventGuestsDJ Booked
Nov 2017Birthday 30th65 (A mix of age groups)
Oct 2017Birthday 40th65 (20-30 Somethings)
Sep 2017Birthday 80th75 (Mainly middle-aged)
Sep 2017Birthday 30th75 (A mix of age groups)
May 2017Birthday 50th100 (A mix of age groups) Ltd
Dec 2016Christmas Party75 (All Adults; mixed ages)
Feb 2017Birthday (16-21 years)90 (All Adults; mixed ages)No longer a member
Apr 2017Birthday 80th80 (A mix of age groups)
Dec 2016Birthday (16-21 years)70 (A mix of age groups)
Jan 2017Birthday 40th100 (A mix of age groups)
Jul 2016Birthday 40th120 (A mix of age groups)All Events UK
Jan 2016Birthday 30th100 (A mix of age groups)Rubix Disco
Jul 2015Birthday (6yrs or under)80 (A mix of age groups)
Aug 2015Birthday 50th100 (A mix of age groups)DJ Jay Q Music
Jul 2015Wedding or Civil Partnership60 (A mix of age groups)
Apr 2015Birthday - Adult Other80 (A mix of age groups)
Jan 2015Birthday (16-21 years)50 (A mix of age groups)
Nov 2014Birthday (16-21 years)160 (Young Adults)
Nov 2014Wedding or Civil Partnership130 (A mix of age groups)
Sep 2014Birthday - Adult Other50 (A mix of age groups)DJ Sounds
Nov 2014Birthday 60th70 (A mix of age groups)Boogie Nights Discos
Mar 2014Birthday (16-21 years)80 (Young Adults)Elite DJz
May 2014Birthday 60th80 (A mix of age groups)
Aug 2013## HIRE ONLY ##60 (A mix of age groups)
May 2013Birthday 50th60 (A mix of age groups)
Apr 2013Birthday (6yrs or under)120 (20-30 Somethings)
Mar 2013Birthday 30th80 (20-30 Somethings)
Feb 2013Birthday (6yrs or under)100 (A mix of age groups)
Jan 2013Birthday (16-21 years)100 (Young Adults)Allsounds Roadshow
Nov 2012Birthday 30th150 (20-30 Somethings)
Jun 2012Wedding or Civil Partnership80 (A mix of age groups)No longer a member
Nov 2012Birthday 30th100 (A mix of age groups)
Dec 2011Birthday (6yrs or under)75-100 (Mixed Ages)
Mar 2011Birthday - Adult Other75-100 (Mainly middle-aged)

The following information was provided by members of the public who held parties or events here, and hired their DJ via

  • Birthday (16-21 years) on 04/01/2013

    Facilities:Communication:Catering:Bar Range:Bar Prices:

    Roma - Birthday (16-21 years) on 04/01/2013 for 100 guests (Young Adults)

    No written comments were received.

    Entertainment for this event was provided by Allsounds Roadshow

  • Birthday (16-21 years) on 14/03/2014

    Facilities:Communication:Catering:Bar Range:Bar Prices:

    Charlotte - Birthday (16-21 years) on 14/03/2014 for 80 guests (Young Adults)

    "Great for around 50-60 guests. Bar staff are excellent - their dancing is hilarious and they know exactly which drinks are nicest"

    Entertainment for this event was provided by Elite DJz

  • Birthday 60th on 22/11/2014

    Facilities:Communication:Catering:Bar Range:Bar Prices:

    Sylvia Mears - Birthday 60th on 22/11/2014 for 70 guests (A mix of age groups)

    "Great place for a party^ lovely room^ excellent staff^ although a limited bar - but I did know about this beforehand and was offered the chance to order in some different drinks if I wanted to. Perfect evening."

    Entertainment for this event was provided by Boogie Nights Discos

  • Birthday (16-21 years) on 25/02/2017

    Facilities:Communication:Catering:Bar Range:Bar Prices:

    Katy Ann - Birthday (16-21 years) on 25/02/2017 for 90 guests (All Adults; mixed ages)

    No written comments were received.

    Entertainment for this event was provided by

The following information will be useful to DJs, entertainers and other service providers who have been hired to work at Goals Soccer Centre Beckenham.

  • Function Room

    This review provided by DJ Jay Q Music on 29/02/2016

    Function Room is located on the Ground floor.

    No sound limiter
    No useable in-house effects
    No air conditioning
    No specific dancefloor area
    No stage area
    Haze/smoke prohibited
    No effective blackout

    PARKING: Loads!

    ACCESS: Pretty close and simple

    STAFF: Decent. friendly

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