Oxford Wedding and Party Venue Hire

Details for 32 venues in the Banbury (OX17) area

This page details wedding and party hire venues and function rooms in the OX postal area, specifically Banbury

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Same Area (OX17 - 2 options) - Zoom In

Cartwright Hotel, 1-5 Croughton Road, Aynho

Great Western Arms, Aynho

Nearby (11 options)

101 Inn Daventry, Daventry NN11

Daventry Court Hotel, Daventry NN11

Fawsley Hall Hotel, Daventry NN11

Hellidon Lakes Hotel & Country Club, Daventry NN11

Plum Park Wedding & Conf Centre, Towcester NN12

Saracens Head Hotel, Towcester NN12

Staverton Hall, Daventry NN11

The Unicorn Inn, Banbury OX15

Warwick House Hotel (Stoneycroft), Southam CV47

Whately Hall Hotel (Mercure), Banbury OX16

Wroxton House Hotel, Banbury OX15

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Same Area (OX17 - 3 options) - Zoom In

Dovecote Barn, Aynho Road, Adderbury

Sulgrave Manor, Manor Road, Sulgrave

The Great Barn, Upper Aynho Grounds, Aynho

Nearby (8 options)

Crockwell Farm, Daventry NN11

Nene Hall, Daventry NN11

Poundon House, Bicester OX27

Slapton Manor, Towcester NN12

Stoke Park Pavilions, Towcester NN12

Stratton Court Barn, Bicester OX27

West Park House, Towcester NN12

Wood Farm, Daventry NN11

Community Halls & Spaces Show / Hide

Same Area (OX17 - 9 options) - Zoom In

Adderbury Institute, The Green, Adderbury

Charlton Memorial Hall, Main St, Charlton

Chipping Warden Village Hall, Culworth Rd, Chipping Warden

Culworth Village Hall, Culworth

Kings Sutton Millennium Hall, Astrop Rd, King's Sutton

Lucy Plackett Activity Centre, Round Close Road, Adderbury

Middleton Cheney Village Hall, Main Road, Middleton Cheney

Wardington Memorial Hall, Mount Pleasant

Warmington Village Hall, Church Lane

Nearby (41 options)

Ardley with Fewcott Village Hall, Bicester OX27

Balscote Village Hall, Banbury OX15

Blakesley Village Hall, Towcester NN12

Boddington Village Hall, Daventry NN11

Braunston Village Hall, Daventry NN11

Bucknell Village Hall, Bicester OX27

Byfield Village Hall & Club, Daventry NN11

Charndon Village Hall, Bicester OX27

Croughton Village Hall, Brackley NN13

Daventry Brass Band Hall, Daventry NN11

Dryden Hall (Farndon Room), Daventry NN11

Evenley Village Hall, Brackley NN13

Fringford Village Hall, Bicester OX27

Grafton Regis Village Hall, Towcester NN12

Greens Norton Community Centre, Towcester NN12

Greens Norton Village Hall, Towcester NN12

Grimsbury Community Centre, Banbury OX16

Hanwell Fields Community Centre, Banbury OX16

Hardwick Community Hall & Social Club, Banbury OX16

Helmdon Reading Rooms, Brackley NN13

Hethe Village Hall, Bicester OX27

Jubilee Park Hall, Banbury OX15

Lois Weedon Village Hall, Towcester NN12

Marsh Gibbon Village Hall, Bicester OX27

Moreton Pinkney Village Hall, Daventry NN11

Napton Village Hall, Southam CV47

Norton Village Hall, Daventry NN11

Pattishall Parish Hall, Towcester NN12

Shutlanger Village Hall, Towcester NN12

Sibford Village Hall, Banbury OX15

Souldern Village Hall, Bicester OX27

St Johns Community Centre & Parish Social Club, Banbury OX16

St Marys Church Hall, Banbury OX16

Staverton Village Hall, Daventry NN11

Syresham Village Hall, Brackley NN13

The Grange Hall, Southam CV47

Towcester Scout Hall, Towcester NN12

Welton Village Hall, Daventry NN11

Westbury Village Hall, Brackley NN13

Windmill Centre, Banbury OX15

Yardley Gobion Village Hall, Towcester NN12

Sports, Social & Members' Clubs Show / Hide

Same Area (OX17 - 3 options) - Zoom In

Cherwell Edge Golf Club, Chacombe Rd

Drayton Leisure Golf Centre, Warwick Rd

Middleton Cheney Social Club, Astrop Road, Middleton Cheney

Nearby (42 options)

Banbury Chestnuts Bowling Club, Banbury OX16

Banbury Cricket Club (The Willows), Banbury OX15

Banbury Freemasons Hall, Banbury OX16

Banbury Rugby Club (Bodicote Park), Banbury OX15

Banbury Trades & Labour Club, Banbury OX16

Banbury Twenty Cricket Club, Banbury OX16

Banbury United Football Club, Banbury OX16

Bloxham Ex-servicemans Hall, Banbury OX15

Bodicote Cricket Club, Banbury OX15

Brackley & District Bowling Club, Brackley NN13

Brackley Cricket Club, Brackley NN13

Brackley Rugby Club, Brackley NN13

Brackley Town Football Club, Brackley NN13

Broughton & North Newington Cricket Club, Banbury OX15

Caseys Club, Daventry NN11

Daventry & District Golf Club, Daventry NN11

Daventry Rugby Club, Daventry NN11

Daventry Town Bowls Club (Stefen Hill Sports Centre), Daventry NN11

Daventry Town Football Club, Daventry NN11

Daventry Working Mens Club, Daventry NN11

Easington Sports Football Club, Banbury OX16

GF (General Foods) Social Club, Banbury OX16

Hook Norton Sports & Social Club, Banbury OX15

Mayfield Park Sports & Social Club, Daventry NN11

Napton Victory Club, Southam CV47

Potterspury Sports & Social Club, Towcester NN12

Royal British Legion Towcester, Towcester NN12

Rye Hill Golf Club, Banbury OX15

Silverstone Circuits, Towcester NN12

Silverstone Recreational Association (Pavilion), Towcester NN12

Southam Leisure Centre, Southam CV47

Southam Rugby Club, Southam CV47

Southam Sports & Social Club, Southam CV47

Spiceball Leisure Centre, Banbury OX16

Towcester Conservative Club, Towcester NN12

Towcester Racecourse, Towcester NN12

Towcester Town Football Club, Towcester NN12

Towcestrians Rugby Club, Towcester NN12

Whittlebury Park & Golf Club (Atrium - Orangery), Towcester NN12

Woodford Halse Social Club, Daventry NN11

Woodgreen Leisure Centre, Banbury OX16

Yardley Gobion Recreation Centre, Towcester NN12

Conference Venues Show / Hide

Nearby (6 options)

Evenley Wood Garden, Brackley NN13

Park Farm (Cart Shed), Daventry NN11

Space, Brackley NN13

Staverton Estate (de Vere) (Park Hotel), Daventry NN11

The Mill Arts Centre, Banbury OX16

Whittlebury Hall, Towcester NN12

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Same Area (OX17 - 14 options) - Zoom In

The Bowling Green, Overthorpe Road

The Brasenose Arms, Station Road, Cropredy

The Butchers Arms, Whittall St, Kings Sutton

The Coach & Horses, The Green, Adderbury

The Falcon, Warwick Road, Warmington

The George & Dragon, Silver Street, Chacombe

The Great Western Arms, Aynho Station, Aynho

The Griffin Inn, Culworth Road, Chipping Warden

The Hare and Hounds, Edgecote Lane, Wardington

The Moon & Sixpence, Main Street, Hanwell

The Pickled Ploughman, Aynho Road, Adderbury

The Red Lion, High St, Culworth

The Rose & Crown, Main St

The White Horse, The Square, Kings Sutton

Nearby (105 options)

Also Known As (Bar), Banbury OX16

Red Lion, Brackley NN13

The Admiral Nelson, Daventry NN11

The Bell, Banbury OX15

The Bell Inn, Brackley NN13

The Black Dog, Southam CV47

The Blarney Stone, Banbury OX16

The Boat House, Daventry NN11

The Bowling Green, Southam CV47

The Brave Old Oak, Towcester NN12

The Buck & Bell, Southam CV47

The Bull, Towcester NN12

The Butchers Arms, Towcester NN12

The Butchers Arms, Banbury OX15

The Butchers Arms, Bicester OX27

The Butchers Arms @ Bishops Itchington, Southam CV47

The Butchers Arms @ Priors Hardwick, Southam CV47

The Carpenters Arms, Daventry NN11

The Chandlers Arms, Banbury OX15

The Church House, Banbury OX16

The Cock Horse, Banbury OX16

The Coffee Pot Tavern, Towcester NN12

The Countryman, Daventry NN11

The Crewe Arms, Brackley NN13

The Cromwell Lodge, Banbury OX16

The Cross Tree, Daventry NN11

The Crown & Tuns, Banbury OX15

The Crown Hotel, Brackley NN13

The Crown Inn, Towcester NN12

The Duck on the Pond, Southam CV47

The Duck On The Pond, Banbury OX15

The Dun Cow, Banbury OX15

The Early Doors, Daventry NN11

The Easington, Banbury OX16

The Eastcote Arms, Towcester NN12

The Elephant & Castle, Banbury OX15

The Elephant & Castle, Banbury OX16

The Exchange, Banbury OX16

The Folly Inn, Southam CV47

The Fox & Hen, Southam CV47

The Fox & Hounds, Towcester NN12

The Fox & Hounds, Bicester OX27

The Gate Hangs High, Banbury OX15

The Generous George (Chequered Flag), Brackley NN13

The George, Towcester NN12

The George and Dragon, Banbury OX15

The George Inn, Daventry NN11

The Great Western, Southam CV47

The Greyhound Inn, Brackley NN13

The Hanwell Arms, Banbury OX16

The Holly Bush Inn, Southam CV47

The Horse & Groom Inn, Banbury OX15

The Horse & Jockey, Banbury OX16

The Horse and Jockey, Banbury OX15

The Joiners Arms, Banbury OX15

The Kings Head, Brackley NN13

The Kings Head, Southam CV47

The Lampet Arms, Banbury OX15

The Locomotive Inn, Brackley NN13

The Maltsters, Daventry NN11

The Manor, Brackley NN13

The Merrie Lion, Southam CV47

The Monk & Tipster, Towcester NN12

The Muddy Duck, Bicester OX27

The Musketeer, Banbury OX16

The Old Auctioneer, Banbury OX16

The Old Plough Inn, Daventry NN11

The Old Talbot, Towcester NN12

The Olde Mint, Southam CV47

The Pepper Pot, Banbury OX16

The Peppermill, Daventry NN11

The Peyton Arms, Bicester OX27

The Pickled Pig, Towcester NN12

The Pike & Eel, Daventry NN11

The Plough, Brackley NN13

The Plume Of Feathers, Daventry NN11

The Queen of Hearts, Daventry NN11

The Red Lion, Bicester OX27

The Red Lion, Daventry NN11

The Red Lion @ Deddington, Banbury OX15

The Red Lion @ Evenley, Brackley NN13

The Red Lion @ Horley, Banbury OX15

The Red Lion @ Market Place, Brackley NN13

The Rockin Horse (sic), Towcester NN12

The Romer Arms, Daventry NN11

The Rose and Crown, Banbury OX15

The Royal Oak, Daventry NN11

The Saracens Head Inn, Daventry NN11

The Saye & Sele Arms, Banbury OX15

The Sow and Pigs, Bicester OX27

The Stags Head, Banbury OX15

The Stratton Arms, Brackley NN13

The Sun Inn, Banbury OX15

The Swan, Banbury OX16

The Three Pigeons Inn, Banbury OX16

The Trigger Pond, Bicester OX27

The Wheatsheaf Inn, Daventry NN11

The White Hart, Towcester NN12

The White Horse, Daventry NN11

The White Horse, Towcester NN12

The White Horse, Banbury OX16

The White Lion Inn, Bicester OX27

The Windmill Inn, Daventry NN11

The Wykham Arms, Banbury OX15

Towcester Mill Brewery, Towcester NN12

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