Want to leave feedback for one of our DJs?

PLEASE NOTE: We can only accept feedback for our DJs where the original enquiry was made via

If you booked one of our DJs directly, or via another website, then we are unable to accept your feedback. If you have experienced a problem with one of our advertisers, you may consider making a complaint via the DJmark website - click here for details.

How It Works

Approximately 1 week after your party or event (3 weeks for weddings) we will send you an email to the address that you gave us when you first placed your enquiry. In this email there is a unique link which you must follow in order to leave feedback, along with a 4-digit one-time PIN code. We will then ask you a few questions and invite you to leave written feedback which will be published against the member's listing with us.

If we don't get a response, we will send weekly reminders for one month. Your booking will then be considered "dead" and it will not be possible to leave feedback.

These emails are sent from and are entitled "Please review DISCO NAME" (for the first email) or "REMINDER: Please review DISCO NAME" (for subsequent messages).

It's possible that these emails have gone into your Junk or Spam folder, so if you don't see them in your Inbox, try there.

Upon clicking the link, you will then be presented with a list of events for which feedback is due. This is shown in chronological order. Scroll down until you find your party, then click on it.

I've lost your invitation email - can you send me another?

Unfortunately not as our feedback system is fully automated. After the initial invitation, we send weekly reminders for one month. Look out for one of those.

I don't have the PIN number - can you send me another?

Unfortunately not as our feedback system is fully automated. The PIN number you need is in the invitation email we send to you, as well as the weekly reminders which will be sent for around a month afterwards.

What if I no longer have access to this email account?

If you no longer have access to the account which you used when placing your original enquiry, then it will not be possible for you to leave feedback.

What if my event isn't shown in the list?

Did you change the date or venue without telling us? If so, wait until 1 week after the original party date (3 weeks for a wedding) and choose the option as if the date/venue had not changed.

Did you forget to close your original enquiry after we prompted you? If so, we are not able to accept feedback on this occasion.

Did you put your venue name as "not known" or "not booked yet" or similar when placing your original enquiry? If this was not updated BEFORE the party took place, then we are not able to accept feedback on this occasion.

Was your venue on Crown Property (eg. a prison, hospital or MOD land)? If so, then it might not be possible for us to accept feedback on this occasion. This is because we are not allowed to infer that certain types of venue are used for functions.

What if my event was ages ago and is no longer on the list?

Unfortunately we are not able to accept feedback on this occasion.

What if I want to leave negative feedback?

That's fine. The whole point of feedback is to help our members improve their service, so feel free to write a factual comment in response to a feedback request.

I've left negative feedback but now I want to withdraw it!

To withdraw negative feedback, please email from the email address which was used to register your initial enquiry, with full details about your event and a reason why you wish for feedback to be removed. If you no longer have access to the email address you used, then your response must also include the PIN number from the feedback invitation(s) we sent to you shortly after the event date. PINs cannot be re-issued. If you cannot meet these requirements, then feedback must stand.

My party only just happened - can I leave feedback straight away?

Unfortunately not. Our feedback system is fully automated so you will need to wait for the first feedback invitation to arrive.

I've already provided feedback but you've sent me a reminder!

This is usually because the original feedback did not contain the unique PIN number which we sent to you in the invitation email or in a reminder. The PIN is required for security purposes, to prove you are who you say you are. It is a one-time code and should not be shared with anyone, especially your DJ.

Why is this process so difficult?!

Unfortunately we have had to impose security checks and restrictions because unscrupulous DJs were falsely placing feedback to inflate their ranking on our websites and mislead future clients. The measures we have taken help to prevent this.