Covid-19 Two Weeks In

A lot has happened in the past couple of weeks but now that folks are settling into their new lockdown routine we thought we'd take a look at some statistcs...

Coronavirus COVID-19 Statistics Covid-19 year on year comparison graph screenshot

First up, in case you haven't seen our earlier articles, you can click here to filter our news by topic. We also have an Eligibility Checker Tool which helps you determine whether you are eligible for the government's Covid-19 Self-Employment Income Support Scheme

Over the past few weeks we have seen a big drop in the average number of enquiries coming through the website each day, and as such we introduced our 50% rebate for subscribers detailed in our 'Helping our members' article in which we are effectively giving our members half of their subscriptions back in credits for each day that enquiry numbers are below those from the equivalent date in 2019. This scheme will continue for the foreseeable future until things start to return to normal.

One thing we have been surprised by, however, is a general INCREASE in the number of site VISITORS over 2019's statistics. These are extremely buoyant considering the situation, which gives us real hope that once there is some confidence in the potential end date for lockdown restrictions, that we will see a big boost in enquiries and bookings. We will continue to monitor the situation and you can ask for real-time statistics at any time at our Statistics Page - click on the orange 'Enquiries' tab to see the current details on relative enquiries and visitors. Over the next few days we'll be drilling down into these figures a little more to understand a little more about peoples' intentions.

Hang in there, and stay safe.