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Quality and Safety-Checked DJs for your Wedding, Party or Event is the only DJ finder website that undertakes detailed checks to rate its members covering Dundee, Lochee, Blackness, Ninewells, Menziehill, Charleston, Balgay, Ardler, Logie for quality and safety so that you can book in confidence

Our DJs are perfect for indoor and outdoor covid secure events

In more than 60,000 completed events our DJs have achieved a positive feedback rating of 99.9% and our members that cover weddings and parties in Dundee have an average score of 4.8 out of 5 stars from 141 verified customer reviews!

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The following DJs are available to book for events in Dundee, Lochee, Blackness, Ninewells, Menziehill, Charleston, Balgay, Ardler, Logie
GOLD DJmark Award Holders
sample DJmark Gold Award

GOLD DJmark Award Holders

Gold is the mid level award offered by the DJmark safety and quality vetting service.

Award holders have valid public liability insurance (PLI), regularly safety-check their electrical equipment (Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)), issue written contracts for all bookings and operate fully in accordance with music and video copyright legislation. They also have recent trusted positive feedback from previous clients.

Nightlife Entertainment logo

Nightlife Entertainment

Professional DJ Hire
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5.0 out of 5 | 1 trusted review

Nightlife Entertainment offers a mobile disco service in DundeeNightlife Entertainment offers a karaoke service in DundeeNightlife Entertainment offers photobooth hire in DundeeNightlife Entertainment offers event planning in DundeeNightlife Entertainment offers marquee hire in Dundee

Other Local DJs

Other Local DJs

These members do not currently hold a DJmark Award, however they are working towards attaining one as soon as possible.

This doesn't mean that they do not have the required documentation or positive customer feedback - just that they haven't shared that with us yet. If in doubt, ask!

5 Star Discos logo

5 Star Discos

Professional Wedding, Party And Corporate DJ
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4.9 out of 5 | 24 trusted reviews

5 Star Discos offers a mobile disco service in Dundee5 Star Discos offers catering options in Dundee5 Star Discos offers live entertainment in Dundee5 Star Discos offers event planning in Dundee5 Star Discos offers marquee hire in Dundee5 Star Discos offers professional photography in Dundee

DJ Ash logo

DJ Ash

Professional Experienced Mobile DJ with 36yrs exp
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4.5 out of 5 | 69 trusted reviews

DJ Ash offers a mobile disco service in DundeeDJ Ash offers a karaoke service in DundeeDJ Ash offers catering options in DundeeDJ Ash offers live entertainment in DundeeDJ Ash offers event planning in DundeeDJ Ash offers inflatable hire and bouncy castles in DundeeDJ Ash offers marquee hire in DundeeDJ Ash offers professional photography in Dundee

CDK Disco logo

CDK Disco

Wedding & Party DJ
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4.7 out of 5 | 26 trusted reviews

CDK Disco offers a mobile disco service in DundeeCDK Disco offers catering options in DundeeCDK Disco offers live entertainment in DundeeCDK Disco offers childrens entertainers in DundeeCDK Disco offers event planning in DundeeCDK Disco offers inflatable hire and bouncy castles in DundeeCDK Disco offers marquee hire in DundeeCDK Disco offers professional photography in Dundee

Celebration Discos logo

Celebration Discos

The Professional Service
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5.0 out of 5 | 6 trusted reviews

Celebration Discos offers a mobile disco service in DundeeCelebration Discos offers a karaoke service in DundeeCelebration Discos offers catering options in DundeeCelebration Discos offers live entertainment in DundeeCelebration Discos offers childrens entertainers in DundeeCelebration Discos offers event planning in DundeeCelebration Discos offers inflatable hire and bouncy castles in DundeeCelebration Discos offers marquee hire in DundeeCelebration Discos offers professional photography in Dundee

Bissett Events logo

Bissett Events

Service With A Smile
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4.6 out of 5 | 1 trusted review

Bissett Events offers a mobile disco service in DundeeBissett Events offers a karaoke service in DundeeBissett Events offers catering options in DundeeBissett Events offers live entertainment in DundeeBissett Events offers childrens entertainers in DundeeBissett Events offers event planning in DundeeBissett Events offers inflatable hire and bouncy castles in DundeeBissett Events offers marquee hire in DundeeBissett Events offers professional photography in Dundee

Typical DJ Prices in Dundee

Firstly, a disclaimer. There are LOTS of mobile DJs and entertainment companies out there, mostly run by individuals - some as a part-time extension of their hobby and others as a full-time professional business. There are endless debates about pricing on DJ forums and social media groups, with some DJs happy to work for under £100 a night and others that "wouldn't load the van" for less than £500 for the same event. So there is a much wider range of pricing (and service level) than in many other industries, for example plumbers. There is no such thing as a 'standard DJ'!

However, many people have never booked a DJ before and have no idea when it comes to how much they should budget. So what we've done is look at the details for literally hundreds of events that have taken place in and around the Dundee area to come up with some guideline pricing showing typical rates for common types of event. We update these price ranges on a regular basis to reflect current trends.

The only sure way to get accurate prices is to request FREE DJ quotes for your Dundee party or event.

We costed DJs for a typical Wedding Reception in Dundee

This is for an evening-only event of 4/5 hours duration with no add-ons or extras. Just a DJ with his/her sound and lighting equipment.

Budget DJ Mid-range DJ Premium DJ
£150 - £244 £244 - £384 £384 - £580
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We costed DJs for an ALL DAY Wedding in Dundee

This would typically include music for the ceremony, background music and microphones during the wedding breakfast, and an evening disco with no add-ons or extras. Just a DJ with his/her sound and lighting equipment.

Budget DJ Mid-range DJ Premium DJ
£225 - £390 £390 - £610 £610 - £860
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We costed DJs for an Adult Evening Function in Dundee

Birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, social events, Christmas parties etc. come into this category. Prices are for an evening disco with no add-ons or extras. Just a DJ with his/her sound and lighting equipment.

Budget DJ Mid-range DJ Premium DJ
£125 - £174 £174 - £260 £260 - £460
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We costed DJs for a Children's Party in Dundee

This would usually be a weekend afternoon or weekday evening event lasting 2/3 hours. Prices are for a disco with no add-ons or extras. Just a DJ with his/her sound and lighting equipment.

Budget DJ Mid-range DJ Premium DJ
£100 - £173 £173 - £250 £250 - £310
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What type of DJ is right for my party?

You can expect a low-cost DJ in Dundee to attend your function with a basic sound rig, often just a couple of entry-level speakers to provide sound for the dancefloor, and a small selection of lighting effects working in "sound-to-light" mode - ie. flashing different colours in time to the beat. You can expect limited interaction with your Budget DJ prior to the party. Most will accept some music requests on the night but will be working with a fairly limited music collection.

Many Budget DJs are part-time operators working to supplement other income. As such they are usually a good choice for low-cost venues such as pubs and village halls, and events such as 18th birthday parties and engagements.

A mid-range DJ will likely have a choice of equipment which will be selected to best suit your function and venue, and might offer some level of control over the lighting to keep it synchronised and befitting of the music style playing. They will usually offer a consultation in advance and be skilled enough to "hold the function together" on the night, continually thinking and planning ahead to make the event go smoothly. You can expect smart dress, good levels of presentation and confident microphone skills.

Many mid-range DJs are full-time businesses who can devote time to forward planning for your party in Dundee, as well as offering a range of add-on services. Lots of mid-priced DJs will be members of organisations such as DJmark giving you confidence in their service. This means they will hold Public Liability Insurance, have regularly safety tests undertaken on their electrical equipment ("PAT"), and will issue contracts for bookings. They will also be able to provide consistently good feedback from former clients.

A premium DJ is most likely to work with you in advance to plan all aspects of the event, from equipment and lighting needs through to music preferences, announcements, key timings and the structure of the party. They will be willing to work with other entertainment providers and the venue management to avoid any unnecessary "surprises". They possess the experience and skills to ensure meticulous planning and preparation befitting of their fee, and will be smartly presented on the day to suit your function.

The perfect choice for an important event such as a wedding reception or corporate gathering, premium DJs will be able to confidently lead your celebration. Generally run as full-time businesses, Premium DJs operating in the Dundee area are most likely to offer an impeccable feedback record and have attained DJmark Platinum or Diamond level - demonstrating their commitment to customer service.

Check out our Top 10 mobile discos in Dundee based on customer feedback!

Venues for hire in and around Dundee

Are you looking for a suitable venue to hire in or around Dundee? Our DJs have played at hundreds of local pubs, clubs, community centres, village halls, hotels and more.

Here's a summary list of function rooms local to Dundee - for full details click on any venue name!

4 in Dundee / 5 nearby
in Dundee (DD2 - 4 options) - More Details

Doubletree by Hilton Dundee, Kingsway West

Invercarse Hotel, 371 Perth Rd

Landmark Hotel, Kingsway West

Park House Hotel, Coupar Angus Road

Nearby (5 options)

Apex City Quay Hotel, Dundee DD1

Inchture Hotel, Dundee PH14

Malmaison Dundee, Dundee DD1

Queens Hotel Dundee, Dundee DD1

Red House Hotel, Coupar Angus PH13

Historic Venues
1 in Dundee / 4 nearby
in Dundee (DD2 - 1 options) - More Details

Taypark House, 484 Perth Road

Nearby (4 options)

Bonar Hall, Dundee DD1

Chamber East, Dundee DD1

Frigate Unicorn, Dundee DD1

RRS Discovery, Dundee DD1

Community Halls & Spaces
7 in Dundee / 8 nearby
in Dundee (DD2 - 7 options) - More Details

F & K Halls, Blackness Avenue

Fowlis Easter Hall, Benvie Road, Fowlis

Lochee Parish Church, Coupar Angus Road

Lundie Hall, Lundie

Menzieshill Community Centre, Orleans Place

Muirhead and Birkhill Millennium Hall, Birkhill

The Friary, Tullideph Road

Nearby (8 options)

Auchterhouse Parish Hall, Dundee DD3

Dundee Sea Cadets, Dundee DD1

Highwayman Youth & Comm Centre, Dundee DD3

Inchture Village Hall, Inchture PH14

Roseangle Church Hall, Dundee DD1

Steeple Church, Dundee DD1

Sts Leonard & Fergus Hall, Dundee DD3

Sts Peter and Paul Parish Centre, Dundee DD3

Sports, Social & Members' Clubs
8 in Dundee / 15 nearby
in Dundee (DD2 - 8 options) - More Details

Albert Hall, 79 Tullideph Rd

Ardler Complex, Turnberry Avenue

Invergowrie Bowling Club, Errol Road, Invergowrie

Lochee Park Pavilion, Ancrum Rd

Lochee Sports Bar, 195 High St, Lochee

Muirhead and Birkhill Bowling Club, Birkhill

Piperdam Golf & Leisure Resort, Fowlis

The Dee Club, 18-24 Taylor St

Nearby (15 options)

Camperdown Masonic Lodge, Dundee DD1

Club 83 Social Club, Dundee DD3

Cosmopolitan Club, Dundee DD1

Downfield FC Social Club, Dundee DD3

Downfield Golf Club, Dundee DD3

Dundee Social Club, Dundee DD3

Dundee United Football Club (Dens Park), Dundee DD3

Fairfield Bowling Club, Dundee DD3

Fairmuir Social Club, Dundee DD3

Lodge #1192 Ubique, Dundee DD3

Lodge Thistle Operative #158, Dundee DD1

North End Social Club, Dundee DD3

Shotz Pool & Snooker Club, Dundee DD3

St David Social Club, Dundee DD1

The Taxi Club, Dundee DD3

Conference Venues
1 in Dundee / 0 nearby
in Dundee (DD2 - 1 options) - More Details

West Park, 319 Perth Road

Civic Buildings
0 in Dundee / 1 nearby

Nearby (1 options)

Baxter Park Pavilion (Glasshouse), Dundee DD1

Pubs, Bars, Clubs & Restaurants
11 in Dundee / 24 nearby
in Dundee (DD2 - 11 options) - More Details

Braes, Perth Road

Kettledrum Bar, 365 South Road

The Ancrum Arms, 105 Logie Street

The Bay View Bar, 60B Earn Crescent

The Charleston Bar, 83 Charleston Drive

The Clan, 185 High St, Lochee

The Gaiety Bar, Balgarthno Rd

The Last Tram, 146 High Street

The Queen Anne, City Road

The Rowantree, Buttars Loan

The Wallace Arms, Stewart Street

Nearby (24 options)

Drouthys, Dundee DD1

Liquid, Dundee DD1

Lyrics, Dundee DD1

Nine Maidens, Dundee DD3

Room @ The Top, Dundee DD1

The Abode, Dundee DD1

The Airlie Arms, Dundee DD3

The Ambassador, Dundee DD3

The Barrels, Dundee DD3

The Beiderbeckes, Dundee DD1

The Counting House, Dundee DD1

The Downfield Hotel (Doc Stewarts), Dundee DD3

The Drouthys, Dundee DD1

The Dukes Corner, Dundee DD1

The Glens, Dundee DD3

The Main Spot, Dundee DD3

The Maltman, Dundee DD3

The Nine Maidens, Dundee DD3

The Pillars, Dundee DD1

The Quay, Dundee DD1

The Salty Dog, Dundee DD1

The Star & Garter, Dundee DD1

The Tickety Boo, Dundee DD1

The Westport Bar, Dundee DD1

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Dundee DJ Booking Tips

For many, their choice of DJ for parties in Dundee will make a dramatic difference to the success of their event - in a lot of cases possibly one of the most important (and expensive) days of their lives. For others, where the music is just incidental, a basic service is often all they need.
The biggest deciding factor in ensuring the quality of the DJ service that you hire in Dundee, Lochee, Blackness, Ninewells, Menziehill, Charleston, Balgay, Ardler, Logie is usually the budget. We urge you to consider this very carefully as an overall percentage of the cost of your event. Don't shop for a DJ in Calstock - Gunnislake purely on price, because many affordable yet experienced DJs will actively avoid clients that appear not to value the service and focus only on cost. Instead, shop around on the suitability, reputation and level of service being offered - then, once you have a shortlist of suitable DJs you can then review the pricing.

Online Reviews for mobile DJs in Dundee


Many review platforms such as Facebook and Google accept "reviews" from ANYONE whether or not they've actually used the service - including the DJ, the DJ's partner, the DJ's friends, the DJ's dog... reviews can only be submitted by clients that have used the service including people like you partying in Dundee. We do not accept random reviews. We also think that reviews can go out of date quite quickly, so we do not count reviews that are more than 3 years old to be sure that you're getting an up-to-date picture. Also, our Dundee discos are clearly ranked on specific criteria such as audio quality, lighting quality, presentation, music choices, request handling, microphone use, audience interaction and more, so that you can quickly compare local DJ services.

Sample DJmark Award Image


All DJmark Award holding DJs in Dundee operate legally and with due regard for excellent customer service.

DJmark is the longest established and most rigorous awarding body for the UK mobile disco industry, working with mobile DJs to independently check paperwork, credentials and customer feedback. If you employ a DJmark Award holding DJ for your wedding or party in Dundee, you can be assured that you will be working with "one of the good guys". Learn more about DJmark and how booking an award holder can save you a lot of time and potential stress for your party in Dundee.

Communication is king


Be very clear about your expectations for the event and TALK to your potential DJ about them. Don't be afraid to walk away if you're not confident in his/her abilities to deliver.

Do you want a straightforward 'same-as-everyone-else' mobile disco or are you looking for something a little different? Are you looking for a Dundee DJ who can rapidly switch genres to suit the guests ... or would you prefer a club-style DJ with a predetermined set and excellent beatmatching skills? Would you be happy with a silent DJ or would you like someone with microphone skills and the right presence to confidently make announcements and keep your guests informed?

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DJ Hire FAQs for events in Dundee has been helping arrange DJs and mobile discos for parties being held in Dundee since 2006. In that time we've confirmed more than 60,000 events and our DJ members have accrued positive feedback in 99.96% of cases. If you are thinking of hiring a DJ click the button below to get rapid free quotes from a selection of available companies, or read our FAQs.

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How can I find a reliable DJ in Dundee?
Easy - just request quotes from and our experienced mobile disco members will be in touch with free quotations and more information about their service. There's no obligation to book and you can close your enquiry at any time. has hundreds of safety and quality checked DJs available for all types of events being held in Dundee - weddings, birthdays, socials, children's parties, school discos, corporate events - you name it!
How much should I expect to pay for a Dundee DJ?
For an entry level DJ you can expect to pay anything from £150 upwards for a small evening function. A more realistic amount if you are looking for an experienced DJ with a good standard of audio and lighting equipment and positive feedback from recent customers would be in the region of £244 - £384 for an evening event. If you are looking for a professional DJ with an impeccable and long-standing feedback record for an important event such as a wedding reception you can easily add another 50-100% to these amounts.

Remember - for most parties the DJ is the one aspect that will be remembered long after the cake, buffet or wedding dress - and you really want it to be for the right reasons!
I'm having a party in Dundee and I've never booked a DJ before! makes it really easy for you to find a suitable mobile DJ for your party. Simply provide a few details about your plans and let our members contact you with further information about what they can offer and a quotation. Then you can pick the one you like the sound of and book them directly. There's no middlemen agencies involved and no commission to pay.

We have DJs based in Dundee and the surrounding areas willing to travel.
What other party services do you provide in Dundee?
Many of our DJs also offer other popular party services - such as dancefloor hire, photo booths, LOVE letters, and some even provide photography, catering, venue decoration, bouncy castle hire and much more!

You can request quotes for any or all of these products and services and choose your favourites in your own time.