was established in 2006 by an experienced mobile DJ and events manager with 30 years' experience organising many hundreds of weddings, corporate events, parties and functions. We know a thing or two about great entertainment!

Most mobile DJs in the UK are "commodity DJs" - that is to say that they provide low-cost entertainment week in, week out at pubs, clubs and private functions up and down the country. The services offered at this budget level are predictable. The majority of such DJs are part-timers or working on a casual basis - DJing provides a small supplemental income ("beer money") or is regarded as a bit of fun. Quite often the level of professionalism required to stage a quality wedding, party or event just isn't there, despite promises.

Having heard many horror stories from our own customers who came to us after bad experiences with local mobile DJs, it quickly became apparent that most people hiring a mobile disco for a wedding or special birthday / anniversary party etc. have never booked a disco before. As they simply don't know any better, they rely on advice from friends of the family, the local pub landlord etc. expecting, but sadly often not receiving, a high level of customer care. has recruited hundreds of the UK's more professional, dedicated mobile disco companies and checked their business practices and client feedback to ensure they do indeed offer a great level of service. By charging members a subscription to be listed on our site, we effectively weed out the "wannabes" right away. Since we started in 2006, our members have completed events for customers of the site, and achieved a very impressive % positive feedback ratio.

There's no charge for using the site. Simply provide your party details and we'll do the rest. We'll weed out the DJs who are not suited based on the information you provide, and those who are a good fit AND available on your date will get in touch with a proposal. You can choose your ideal DJ in your own time, and without obligation. When you're ready to book you deal direct with your chosen DJ. No middlemen, fees or commissions. Unlike some sites, we don't sell your details to anyone who wants them and all of the responses you receive will be from DJs who are suitable for you and your event.

We Will...

Match you with appropriate DJs

(on average, most enquiries receive 5-10 responses)

Tell you who we shared your details with

Find DJs at or near your budget

Let you publicly feed back your experience

We Won't...

Splash your details all over the internet

Sell your details on

Offer you unsuitable DJs

Charge you a penny

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