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This page highlights the 841 venues or rooms which are fitted with Sound Limiter Devices. We do not guarantee that this information is inclusive or accurate, as things change on a regular basis in line with licence renewals, but we believe it to be the most accurate and complete of its kind in the UK today.

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What is a Sound Limiter?

"Sound Limiter" is a term commonly used in the entertainment industry to describe a device which monitors and/or controls the level of volume within a venue.

What do they do?

The most common type of limiter simply cuts all power to the stage area if a predetermined volume level has been exceeded for a certain amount of time.

Why are they fitted?

Most limiters are installed as a condition of holding an entertainments licence, usually as a result of noise complaints having been received or due to the proximity of residential property to the venue.

Why is this an issue?

Some limiters, properly installed and maintained, are totally workable and do not impact on the enjoyment of your chosen entertainment.

However many have extremely low tolerances either by licence or due to poor installation/maintenance. These limiters can sometimes be triggered by normal crowd noise, before you even think about loud music. Imagine stepping onto the floor for your first dance and the clapping and cheers of your well-wishers tripping out the power...

Should I care?

If you want your party to "go with a swing" then yes! Your DJ or band's performance can be impaired and sudden loss of power interrupts the flow of the evening and can damage sensitive electronic equipment, increasing the risk of prolonged breaks in the entertainment or curtailment of the event.

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